Monday, March 25, 2013

A Day In The Life

Here is a little glimpse of our life for 12 hours taking care of Noah. Since it is Saturday, today is a little slower-paced than during the week when he has therapy or other appointments. I also didn't include the 3-5 times per hour when he needed suctioning or any of his diapers changes. I honestly didn't have time to stop and think about grabbing the camera to photograph those moments, not that you wanted to see poopy diapers anyway.

Time check:

We are up but someone is still knocked out.

Slowly waking up.

Time for breathing treatment #1. He is not a fan.

And now a little Chest Physical Therapy (CPT).

Look who else is awake!

Breathing treatment #2.

Prep for trach and g-tube care.

Mr. Noah is swaddled and ready.

And... done!

Time to get shoes on and do some standing.

Happy boy standing up.

Oliver was curious and started playing with Noah.

And they watched some t.v. together.

Time check:

Venting Noah's belly.

And then he gets his medicine and vitamin.

 Time to prep Noah's food. Squash with coconut oil.


A few minutes to spare to wash some dishes.

Let's make some formula with probiotic.

Happy boy getting fed in his bed.

Time check:

Quick breakfast of leftover cheesy bread.

Folding some laundry.

Time check:

Noah is done eating.

Someone's up!

Time to do some work.

Time check:

Another go in the stander.

Time check:

Play time on the floor.

Time check:

Venting the baby belly.

 Some more delicious squash puree.

Feeding the hungry boy.

Mixing up some formula.

Time check:

Time to lay down, get a full belly, and take a nap.

(We all took a nap!) Time check:

Up and ready to play.

Getting the gas bubbles out.

Another yummy meal.

A nice mixture of squash and teething medicine.

More laundry... I seriously cannot figure out how I always have this much laundry to do. It's a true mystery.

Mixing up some more formula and an extra 2 bottles for his nighttime feeding.

Passed out.

Time check:

Dinner time for the boy.

Time to boil some distilled water to make it sterile.

And sterile water has to go in sterile containers so the bottles have to get steam sterilized in the microwave.

Filling up the sterile water bottles.

This is what the suction canister looks like by the end of the day so it has to get cleaned out.

And that's all, folks!

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